Wether you are looking for a builder for a loft conversion or  home extension we are happy to work with any type of property.

This was quite dilapidated when we started. This was a renovation project that included a two story extension and the addition of a garage.


Part way through the re-build. The original house was made of chalk cob.The extension was of standard cavity construction.


The completed project. This house was more than ‘restored’ is was up-graded. It now has a lime based render and is painted with limewash so that it can now ‘breath’ . It also has a paved driveway. We can supply both paved patios and driveways to order.


Wether you are looking to build a timber frame house or are just looking for a carpenter to assist in a building project, we are experienced timber -framers and can just supply this expertise if required.


Whether it is a loft conversion, home extensions or a complete  house we would be happy to take a look at your project. As A building contractor, we can help at any stage,whether it is supplying just carpentry or joinery from our workshops or whether you need house builders for a complete project  we would be happy to assist including helping with  the design process.