This is the first of a number of pictures of a development that we designed and built.
It is a Low Energy House, with minimal maintenance requirements. It is highly insulated with a heat recovery system, under-floor heating and solar panels. It is rendered with an acrilic render that never needs painting













New beginings, the foundations are laid and we are up to the ground floor level. The footprint of the house is now visible.















The form-work is up and we are starting to bring up the walls now.
















We are up to first floor level now. The insulation is over 125mm thick ( five inches ) on the outside.

















An inside view of the construction with the inside insulation visible and openings.















                                                                                                          Pouring the concrete for the second story.



















This view shows the interior of the wall before pouring the concrete.















Starting to take shape now. The roof is being built and is a hand-cut roof made in the traditional manner.
















Almost there now.

You may be interested what we do with the interiors. If you are click on the INTERIOR button and you can see some samples of joinery etc.









Finally a fully functioning Low Energy House  that will require very little maintenance and will be relatively cheap to live in and you will be warm as toast!




Here is another low-enegy house, in this case a Passive solar House, on a raft foundation.

This picture shows the complicated steelwork that went into the raft.




This is the completed raft foundation:



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        A view of the completed project