We are builders with expertise in numerous types of building of both domestic and commercial construction.

Whether you are looking for a building contractor in the Hampshire / Wiltshire area, to build timber frame homes, brick, stone or any other material we would be interested in looking at your project.

Although we are happy to build with the standard cavity construction which is regarded as the more conventional type of build we are also interested in other forms of construction which include Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF), Timber Frame Houses, Cob, etc., even such materials as straw bales that have been used in some interesting builds.

We believe that we as builders can rise to the challenge of our time and address the issues such as the need to cut our carbon dioxide emissions by building better houses that can reduce our emissions. We are also interested in building more sustainable housing.

We can supply the expertise for just about any type of building renovation or restoration project and would be just as pleased to quote for loft conversions or a newbuild. We have experience with period properties with exacting demands.

We can supply and match any timberwork of any age from our workshops.We also have the ability to produce some fine joinery if necessary. Please check out the ‘interiors’ section if you would like to see some pictures of our work.

We are also experienced with working with lime mortars and renders, the use of lime washes etc. We are experienced with cob buildings and the various older types of flint and stone construction traditionally found in the surrounding area.

As house builders we have just completed a new Low Energy House of completely modern construction, with heat recovery, solar panels and underfloor heating to exacting standards. Click on ‘Newbuilds’ for further information and some pictures.

If you are just at the design stage or not even quite there yet feel free to contact us.It can be useful to have some feedback from usĀ  at the design stage. This can eliminate future hiccups and make the build process run smoother. Feel free to call us for advise.