This property offered the opportunity to not just renovate an older house, but to make a transformation.



This property is actually of chalk cob construction.




The outside render has failed because the property has been painted with vinyl paints.




Vinyl paints are incompatible with this type of construction because they do not allow the walls the breathe.

Moisture becomes trapped in the fabric and winter frosts cause the rendering to crack and fail.
















Aside from the renovation, a two-story extension was incorporated.




This permitted the creation of a good-sized bathroom and larger rooms below with a much-improved kitchen.








A very different looking property now.


Aside from adding a garage also we created a new porch with the proviso that it looked old and authentic.


The building was re-rendered with a lime-based render system.


This was followed with a limewash paint finish that we created from scratch.

It was made with lime, natural pigments and raw linseed oil as was traditionally done.