Staircase Renewal


We are able to offer different joinery expertise aside from the interior items already previewed. Here, for example, we replaced a really poorly-designed and badly-built staircase.

The choice of material was of a pine, probably pressure-treated with preservative. It was nevertheless inadequate and had rotted out and became a dangerous and hazardous liability.

We decided that rather that try to make ant repairs, to build a new staircase entirely, and design something to last.






This staircase had rotted so bad the bottom step became detached and the newel post was considerably wobbly.

It was sitting on a block that the new owner had put there to stop further collapse.

TheĀ  spindles seemed to have been added as an afterthought.

The top landing spindles had already become so unstable they were removed.



We decided to replace the abomination with something that would not just be able to last, but be aesthetically pleasing as well.




We chose to build this staircase out of a hardwood, in this case, Iroko.

Being a much heavier hardwood we decided to build it on site.

Although the posts are considered to last in excess of 80 years below ground, they were protected with pitch first.

All connections were of a traditional mortice and tennon construction.












An entirely different experience, Not just to walk up in safety, but a pleasant-looking staircase.

In our view this added quality to the property, making a much bolder impact, adding charm.

































It was decided to add two plant boxes to decorate the staircase.

It added a nice finishing touch to the whole job