Garages can add more than just a space for cars.

This is too good just for a car.





Garden Rooms and log cabins are in my view a useful way of adding useful living space to a property without having to go down the route of planning, architects, and the often high expense of a house extension. They can offer a fun playroom, therapy room, office space, in fact a very vesatile space for less of the expense.

Cedar Cabin

TThisĀ  cabin is finished in Western Red Cedar, a very durable timber, that is restistant to insects and mould. It is a highly insulated room, with with high spec double glazed doors and windows. It has an electric supply and is illuminated with low energy downlighters. Below is a picture of the framing showing the good sized beams used to support the roof structure.


Timber Framing Details

Below is an example of a more utilitarian garden room with a cedar shingle roof.


Garden Roof with a cedar roof

Garden room with a Cedar Roof